Feedback from Land expropriation hearing

I wish to share my real life experience with you. After attending yesterday’s parliamentary session in Pretoria, I can tell you my stomach was a in knots. I sat in a massive crowd of some 3000 people, with very few white faces, speakers were each given a 3 minute opportunity to voice opinion for or against enactment of Section 25 Land hearing.

I have seen and heard the videos and voice notes of people singing/chanting “one bullet one settler” and “kill the Boer”. When you hear this directly from people all around you in an official parliamentary sitting, being white… all I can say is: Lord protect us. The masses are enraged. They do not consider us as part of this country. The speakers said it over and over again: Whites must leave the country or they will be dealt with. The determination to strip us of land, property and all possessions, is a stark reality.

There is so much more that I will share at the next meeting. Trust me, this is not propaganda, it is truth. I cannot stress this enough – now more than ever – be prepared for the worst. The tension in this country higher than ever and it is ready to burst. I have always tried to be and live as positively as possible. That is why it is extremely difficult for me to have to share these negative experiences with others. However, I have no choice, I do it because I love my kind.

Regards and be safe, always remain vigilant. Even if everything seems normal for now, I feel we are very close to trouble.

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