Voorbidding vir VSA toerspan

Dear All,

I am writing to you specifically as Christians who support us as Christians or as people who have been praying for Andre and me in the USA.

I don’t know how to put this well, so let it suffice to say

  • we have been exceptionally blessed in USA. Just to be clear: I mean that not in terms of money raised but in achieving a level of exposure of what is happening in SA that is unprecedented
  • indeed, at this moment in time we are invited to a number of prestigious gatherings to deliver addresses
  • that is enough
  • however, right now, a number of other specific potential opportunities have suddenly arisen which may or may not pan out but which are so (potentially) special that I must call upon you to pray for our work if you are moved to do so
    • one particular young man has humbly requested that help (only) and I am positive that it is the right thing to do to take his request very, very, seriously
    • Who knows the Lord’s will? Perhaps these things are not to be.
    • Never the less, the sincerity with which he has asked and the gravity of the opportunities – and indeed the realistic lines of contact that he has and the actual work that he has already done – are such that Andre and I cannot ignore it (the request for prayer).

Please pray simply as your heart moves you to do; I am not able to suggest what it is that we should ask Him for, whether it be strength, guidance, blessing, success, the Lord’s will, these opportunities, other opportunities, etc.

You will know.

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